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Jamie Qualifies for Match This     

02-06-2016 22:36

Here is an article from MAPs website after my recent qualification for Match This. For more see MAPs website

.MAP: Jamie it doesn't seem long ago we were congratulating you on qualifying for FishOMania, now you have done it again for Match This! You drew a fancied peg and we hear there was a bit of a story about the draw... What was going on?
Jamie Hughes: It was a bit strange to be honest! I was towards the back of the draw line, with Perry Stone with possibly 100 people infront of us. Just before it was our turn, Perry asked me where I fancied, my reply was Peg 1 on Lake 1! Seconds later my hand went into the bag and a ticket with peg 1 written on it was staring back at me! I've always been a bit lucky in the draw but even by my standards that was another level of drawbag!

MAP: Can you talk us through your approach to the day?
Jamie Hughes: Knowing a big weight would be needed, I fished just two lines. Firstly a line at 5m which I fed with corn. My other line was to a small weed bed up the banking to my left, here I pinged 6mm pellets. I started my match on the 5m line feeding 30 pieces of corn each cast, I had 4 fish here in the first 15 minutes while pinging pellets up the bank. Once I saw I few fish moving I switched to this line and swapped between on bottom and shallow for the rest of the day, I finished with around 60 carp for 241lb.

MAP: Although the Glebe is known for big carp, you still fished a lot lighter than most as you normally do, do you feel it makes a big difference?
JH: In all honesty with so many fish in the peg, fishing light wasn't that important! That said I have still only fished a 0.15mm hooklength and White MAP Twin Core elastic. Fishing light is just something I have always done, I am 100% confident in my kit and know exactly how much pressure I can put it under.

MAP: With two big finals to prepare for, how much time goes into that over the coming months and what are you looking to learn?
JH: With a full coaching diary, I've not got a lot of time to practice at either venue! I will hopefully get to fish a few open matches before hand. As for prep, I like to have every possible option covered, you never know exactly how the venue will fish, how crowds and pressure will effect the fishing. I'm not really looking to learn anything other than the moods of the lakes during the practice opens.

MAP: With two Fish'O'Mania titles and a Match This podium already on the CV, which would you choose, A record 3rd Fish'O'Mania title or your first Match This?
JH: It would be a dream come true to win either! But if I had to pick I'd go with a 3rd Fisho!

MAP: With your record in qualifiers, you are obviously doing something different to many, so other than being a hero at the draw bag, what would your advice to anyone thinking of having a go for the first time?
JH: Of course drawing a peg capable of winning is the first step! After that you need to be very single minded and fish your peg in a positive way that will give you the best chance of winning! It's no good setting up loads of kit and fishing 10 different lines! Choose a couple of methods at the most that will give you the best chance of catching a winning weight.

MAP: Thanks for your time and once again a huge congratulations! We can't wait to see you at both finals!