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Jamie Hughes talks pole elastic     

06-09-2017 10:52


Here is an article of mine from MAPs website. For more see MAPs website.

Hollow elastics have now become most anglers’ choice in 90% of commercial fishing situations, it’s increased stretch factor and durability which will out perform the solids and ultimately put more fish in the net!
Of course there are now dozens of different companies producing these elastics and most are of a high quality, but for my own fishing the Twin core range from MAP is now my only choice! Yes I'm lucky enough to work for MAP, but if I didn't I would still be using this stuff; it gives me more confidence in my elastic than I have ever had before!
Here is a little run down of the elastics and the situations that they work best for me…

Orange 3-6 – The latest addition to the range and one I’m really excited about, for the depths of winter this is what I’ll be using for my F1 fishing where every fish you hook needs to be landed. Mega soft allowing you to use hook lengths of 0.08mm and even less in some cases but you can still land those important bonus fish.

Yellow 5-8 - This is my Spring F1 elastic when the fish are just starting to pull a bit, a really soft elastic that allows me to fish hook lengths of 0.08mm - 0.12mm and small hooks without causing any breakages. During the summer months I fit this into my shalla F1 kits for all of my short, shallow fishing. A short length of this elastic allows me to net fish in the quickest way possible without suffering any hook pulls.

Pink 6-9 - Without doubt the best elastic in the world! I would genuinely be lost without this stuff. It’s my first choice for all my Summer F1 fishing and perfect for situations when you are likely to catch a bit of everything. Lovely and soft but still powerful enough to land any bigger fish quickly. I choose this elastic for hook lengths from 0.12mm - 0.14mm.

White 6-10 - Very similar to the pink Twin Core, with just a little more power. I use this elastic for all of my normal carp fishing during the summer, I fish a lot of venues with a large stocking of small 2-5lb carp and the white fits the bill perfectly. It is also my choice when fishing shallow for larger carp as it allows fish to run without the risk of the hook pulling out.

Green 10-14 - This is where things start to get a bit serious! Green is my choice when fishing for large carp in open water as it still has a lot of stretch but also lots of power. I also love this elastic for my margin fishing as it allows the fish to leave the peg in a docile manner without spooking any other fish in the swim. My hook lengths for this elastic are generally 0.15mm - 0.18mm.

Black 12-16 - This is pretty much as heavy as I go for general fishing situations, the black is great for landing those couple of lumps in the last few minutes of a match, it’s a really powerful elastic that powers up quickly to get those fish into the net as fast as possible. I also like to use this elastic when fishing for Barbel at Weston Pools fishery to stop them diving for any near bank snags or under the nets!

Dark Blue 14-18 - I only carry 2 top kits holding this elastic, as to be honest it scares me to death! It only comes out of the hold all for any snag pit pegs where fish cannot be given an inch. There is no place for hook lengths with this stuff and rigs of 0.22mm and above will be needed.

Purple 16-20 - As a predominantly F1 angler, my feelings are that this stuff is best saved for bungee jumping off bridges! While I'm not brave enough to use this myself, it will be perfect for any 20lb beasts that lurk in some southern venues or hit and hold situations when a margin pole is required. I actually replace all of my catapult elastic with this stuff!